Meet the Committee

As stipulated by the London Young Greens constitution, members elect a committee each year at our annual general meeting (AGM), which includes two co-chairs (at least one of whom must not be a man), a Treasurer and a Secretary. We also have non-portfolio committee members with remits such as media, membership and campaigns.

The committee itself acts as an executive body but is fully and directly accountable to the whole membership. Our role is mainly to keep everything running smoothly and to organise what you, the membership, want to be done. See below for information about the current committee members, and feel free to contact us on Twitter or via

Frankie – Co-Chair

I joined the Green Party in 2014 because I realised that I was wasting too much energy shouting at Nigel Farage on the television and that I could be putting it towards fighting for politics I believed in! I am really excited to be elected co-chair of the London Young Greens this year, after having a few months in the role last year when I was co-opted to the post towards the end of the last term.

One of the most important things for me this year is the London elections in May, and I think it’s vital to have as many young people standing as possible, and making sure we support those who are. I’m particularly interested in how we can diversify the way we do this. As a performance artist, I would love to use the opportunity of working with my fellow arty co-chair Sam to experiment with artivism. As well as being an interesting new way to campaign, I’m hoping this will encourage new and more diverse volunteer engagement, and we can hopefully get some fab new Young Greens.

As a social housing campaigner, I am excited that one our priorities this year is housing and want to see how we can work with local community groups.

Sam – Co-Chair

Florence – Secretary

Nicholas – Treasurer

As treasurer of the London Young Greens, I am responsible for keeping our financial records, administering our access fund, and most importantly coordinating fundraising for our activities. LYG has the potential to make a huge impact in the capital, so long as we have the resources to do so. Therefore my priority for this year is to develop a fundraising programme that can support our campaigns, put on exciting and innovative events and actions, and help our members to achieve their full potential.

To make fundraising smoother I aim to set up an online donation platform and hold crowdfunding campaigns. Furthermore, I look forward to collaborating with my fellow committee members to host innovative fundraisers like gigs and club nights. I also want to build up our access fund for the benefit of our members and I shall offer practical assistance with individual’s applications to funds available from the national party.

I joined the Green Party because it is the only party that takes climate change seriously, and puts the environment at the heart of its politics. I am a lifelong resident of Hackney and I am interested in ecology and environmentalism as well as art history and Egyptology.

Catherine – Events Officer

I joined the Green Party in 2015 in preparation for the General Election. I wanted to get more involved with campaigns around elections and get people voting for the Green Party. Since then I have been volunteering with the Young Greens as part of the Students Campaign Committee and I have been involved with the Tunbridge Wells Green Party for the 2017 Election.

I am particularly passionate about environmentalism and environmental justice. I believe that the greatest threat to society is poor management of the environment, ranging from air pollution to the concretisation of areas which contributes to flooding. I am also motivated to protect those most vulnerable from the negative effects of human-driven climate change. Being a member of the Young Greens allows me to react against negative developments and push for positive change.

As Events Officer I am looking forward to helping my team organise London events to engage Young Greens and those interested in Green Party policies. I hope to plan creative events during which we can talk about and promote our main priorities, such as air pollution and housing.

Catty – Non-Portfolio Officer

I got involved with the Green Party as a reaction to Trump’s election, and a certain hopelessness about the future of our planet. I was determined to actively do something (instead of nihilism), whilst also wanting to remedy my lack of knowledge about political systems. The Green Party kept coming up top of my personalized results on all the online surveys, there was a Young Greens meet-up the following week, and now here I am! I was Secretary last year, and this year I am sharing Officer for Membership and Engagement.

My plan this year is to try to help make Greens a viable option for young people to support, to diversify the people who are active in London Young Greens and generally try to Make Greens Cool (again). To do that I’m going to need to get more familiar with the policies we have, and also listen to a broad range of people’s objections to the party.

Ali – Non-Portfolio Officer

I joined the Green Party with a desire to promote environmental issues within politics and was pleased to learn the party also stood for many other social values critical for a sustainable future. My decision to join was based on a conversation with an existing London Young Green which made me keen to join the committee and help spread the message across London.

As a Non-Portfolio Campaigns officer, I’m excited to work with the rest of the committee to define and champion our two main campaigns this year which will be Air Pollution and Housing.

I’m a keen runner and cyclist, so improving the air quality in London is something I am highly passionate about. It is an issue that many who live in London will feel the effects of without realising. So I am keen to ensure we raise awareness for the problem whilst seeing how we can push for the use of cleaner and greener motor technologies.

Oli – Party Liaison Officer

Rob – Non-Portfolio Officer

I joined the Green Party in 2015, drawn to their ‘bold ideas’. In particular, their focus on challenging certain cut-throat aspects of capitalism and developing a more compassionate society was appealing. The emphasis that the Green Party has on dealing with global warming – taking it seriously – was also a key reason why I joined. In addition, this party is more democratic than others, allowing groups of members to present and potentially pass ideas at their annual conferences; allowing direct change from everyone involved. I am interested in our science policy and how we can adapt certain aspects of it to better fit the modern world, principally the views on GMOs. Furthermore, I like the idea of supporting small independent businesses across London; having the same large chain monopolise certain regions would make London boring. For the London Young Greens specifically, my role is as a non-portfolio officer, focusing on our membership and developing equality, (hopefully) encouraging everyone to get involved, regardless of their background. Outside of the Green Party, I enjoy physics, playing the trombone as well as meditation and martial arts.