Meet the Committee

As stipulated by the London Young Greens constitution, members elect a committee each year at our annual general meeting (AGM), which includes two co-chairs (at least one of whom must not be a man), a Treasurer and a Secretary. We also have non-portfolio committee members with remits such as media, membership and campaigns.

The committee itself acts as an executive body, but is fully and directly accountable to the whole membership. Our role is mainly to keep everything running smoothly and to organise what you, the membership, want done. See below for information about the current committee members, and feel free to contact us on Twitter or via

Victoria Elliott (Co-Chair)
Victoria Elliott

I got involved with the Green Party in July 2014 because I want to be part of a group of people pushing for radical change in a system that favours selfishness and greed. I was on the committee for the past year and have loved it, so I’m happy to be working hard for young people in London as co-chair 2016-2017.

I’m particularly passionate about gender and sexuality based issues and how these identities intersect with systems of discrimination and oppression, especially in the context of austerity, xenophobia and climate change. I work for a mental health charity and in my spare time you’ll generally find me at the cinema, out on a run or showing couchsurfers around London.

Twitter: @vvmcell

Local party: Haringey

Kenneth Green (Co-Chair)

Kenneth Green London Young Greens

I joined the Green Party in the summer of 2014 after moving down to London from Scotland. The Scottish referendum really energised me politically and made me want to get involved and campaign for a better future. My name also fits pretty well with the party – promise I didn’t change it to suit my political views!

I am particularly interested in climate change and the environment. I feel the Green Party are the only party prioritising these issues and that, by working hard and campaigning effectively, we can make a huge difference to the public’s view and affect real change.

Twitter: @kennethg40

Local party: Merton

Edward Mardle (Treasurer)

Edward Mardle London Young Greens

I joined the Green Party because I share the party’s core values and they are the only party seriously committed to tackling climate change. I would like to help try to build a sustainable, peaceful, equal and fair society, free from discrimination. This may sound idealistic, but we only get one chance at life so why not give it a shot and try to leave the world a little better off than when you arrived.

I live in Hackney and you will normally find me doing some kind of sport around the borough.

Local party: Hackney

Culann Walsh (Secretary)

Culann Walsh London Young Greens

I got involved with the Greens after moving to London from Dublin in August 2014. For me, joining the Green Party has been a really great way to exercise my politics, connect with other activists and to make friends!

My main interests are feminism and anti-capitalism and as the secretary of the London Young Greens, I am excited about facilitating and participating in a great year ahead of action, campaigning and meeting new comrades!

Twitter: @culannwalsh

Local party: Haringey

Jessica Hennessy

Jessica Hennessy London Young Greens

I joined the Green Party in July 2016 as a way to meet tolerant, like-minded people. I wanted a party that takes the threat of climate change seriously, welcomes and stands up for refugees and immigrants, and celebrates diversity.

2016 has been such a difficult year for people with progressive values. As a UK/US dual citizen, I have struggled with the catastrophic decisions of both my countries. I want to help make the London Young Greens not only a force for positive change in London, but also a safe, supportive community for activists in these hard times.

I’m passionate about intersectional feminism, disability rights, mental health, and privacy in the digital age.

Twitter: @LYGJessHenn

Local party: Camden

Selena Lin

fullsizeoutput_150dI grew up near Brighton where the Green Party presence is strong, so I have always felt like a member. I decided to join officially after the recent political instabilities that so clearly threaten the causes that I care most about. The Green Party are by far the most serious advocates for environmental protection, and are also focused on protecting social values that promote diversity and inclusion.

I am currently studying at the LSE, and I hope to become an Environmental Economist in the years to come!

Local party: Islington

Aaron Parr

Aaron Parr London Young Greens

I’m originally from Kent but now live in London and have been on the London Young Greens committee for the past year. I previously helped establish the Queen Mary Young Greens society, and my claim to fame is initiating the ‘mEUw’ campaign for the EU referendum. I work as a social media associate, and I’m also the co-chair of Young Greens Senate. There is always room for another meme in the world!

Twitter: @greenparr

Local party: Tower Hamlets

David Shah

David Shah London Young Greens

I have been a member of the Green Party for a few years as I believe the current government has not taken climate change and the environment seriously enough. Recently I went along to a few London Young Greens events and found them very welcoming which encouraged me to stand for a committee position.

As an Electronic Engineering student; I want to ensure that other scientists and engineers are encouraged to join the Green Party and London Young Greens.

Local party: Richmond and Twickenham

Lewis Williams

Lewis Williams London Young Greens

Being a Green supporter for a few years, I joined the Green Party in April 2016, after running and winning in the Queen Mary Student Union elections as a ‘Team Green’ slate. The Green Party, to me, seems to be the only party that is looking towards the long-term future of both the country and the planet, and their social and economic policies also make a lot sense to me. Their strong anti-austerity policy is one which sticks with my personally and something that I am always striving to fight for.
Within the LYGs, I hope to strive to create more of a student presence within the London Young Greens. Within my role on the committee at QM Young Greens, we have managed to establish a well-known and effective student group, which is something I would love to see emerge at other London universities.

Twitter: @lewisben95

Local party: Tower Hamlets