Bee-friendly, London Young Greens tell Councillors

This week, young activists from the London Young Greens sent letters to 96 councillors asking them to utilise the Mayor’s £9 million Greener City Fund to build bee-friendly spaces in parks all over London.

The letters were sent to the leaders of every London Borough Council as well as the Cabinet minister in charge of the environment and the leader of the opposition groups. The letters will be arriving over the next few days and contain origami bees in an attempt to encourage councillors to consider the importance of bees in creating happy, healthy communities.

Kenneth Green, co-chair of the London Young Greens, stated:

“Bees are massively at risk and it’s vital that Councillors take steps to allow bees to thrive in their boroughs.

“Over half of UK bee species have declined in the last 50 years, with almost 26% at risk of extinction. One of the main reasons for this is the destruction of their habitats. (1)

“Councillors have the powers to create bee-friendly spaces in the parks within their boroughs, ensuring that Londoners can benefit from an increased number of flowers and a healthier environment in general.

“We’re calling on Councillors to use the money that the Mayor has at his disposal to help deliver for their communities and save the bees.”

#SavetheBees is a Young Greens campaign across England and Wales where campaigners are asking everyone to take action to protect the bee populations in the UK.  (2)


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